The future is bright. The future is 3D printing.

The impossible is already possible.

3D Printing, Design & Scanning

3D Printing is an innovative technology, which makes it easier than ever to produce small series of objects and rapidly materialize any 3D design.

Team RE3D offers 3D modelling separately or together with 3D printing. Our experienced professionals will make the required  three-dimensional model ( it doesn’t matter if you already have a physical copy or it is only in your imagination or drawing), and print it the best way, guaranteeing the needed physical properties and resolution will be achieved. Our engineers will discuss the project with you to find the best solution – sometimes even improving the functionalities of the product.

The tasks we help our customers with are often related to the fields  below:


Reverse Engineering

Dental prosthetics


Automotive & Aerospace Industry

Spare Parts & Maintenance

We care for your 3D printer!

Spare parts




Our journey

Re3D’s aim has been implementing the circular economy within the 3D printing and filament manufacturing industry since the very beginning.

We have always been on the forefront of sustainability and innovation and we are keen on leading the society into Industry 4.0
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