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3D printing

Three dimensional printing is an innovative technology, allowing production of objects by adding material – just the opposite of the traditional ways of small series manufacturing, resulting in a more efficient process.


FDM/FFF (Fused deposition modelling/Fused filament fabrication) is one of the most affordable methods in the industry.

The technology consists of layering melted material by given coordinates (most commonly PLA, PETG, ABS or TPU plastic). This makes it possible to create big and complex functional objects with high resolution. It is used in a variety of areas: from hobby models and board game figures to the automotive industry.  


SLA (Stereolitography) is a three dimensional printing method, allowing the creation of object with extremely high resolution е  (25-100 μm) and good mechanical properties.

This happens thanks to a complex photochemical process involving the use of photopolymer resin, which is hardened selectively by laser waves. The final product is smooth and precis

3D modeling

Team RE3D offers 3D modelling separately or together with 3D printing. Our experienced professionals will make the required  three-dimensional model ( it doesn’t matter if you already have a physical copy or it is only in your imagination or drawing), and print it the right way to guarantee the needed physical properties and resolution. Our engineers will discuss the project with you to find the best solution – sometimes even improving the functionalities of the product.  

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